Blue Bonnet Hill

Ovilla, Texas

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Blue Bonnet Hill

Welcome to Blue Bonnet Hill, a victorian home built in 1981. Over the next few years I will be planting pecan trees for my "retirement". Also I will be updating my website to include favorite pecan receipes along with many interesting facts you might or might not know about pecans.

If you are a pecan lover as I am then you will want to visit my site often and stay up-to-date where I am with my dream.

So far, I have planted 30 trees on my five-acres. There is only one native pecan tree and that was here when I moved in
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. I have Choctaw, Desirable, Mohawk, Stuart, Pawnee and Kiowa. They are around five years old this spring and produced a very small crop last fall (which the crows got every pecan while I was away on a business trip). Maybe this year....I will have a big enough crop so the crows can have some and I can at least make a pie.


Audrey Reed
Blue Bonnet Hill

Ovilla, Texas 75154